Values and purpose

The Boomforest Manifesto

Finding the balance of nature around us, this is our purpose and for this reason we incentivize the restoration of biodiversity in the places where we live by creating forests. We imagine them local and wild in all their expression, free and accessible to all and integrated into our day life.

This is at hand, thanks to a plantation method which is simple and very effective: the Akira Miyawaki method, which is founded on the natural balance of plants allowing them to help each others and grow faster. Such a plantation is very dense, completely natural, including more than fifty species per site, by any means a simple and economic technique to vegetate surfaces ranging from a handful of square meters to many hectares.

These forests breath life, create a powerful, sustainable and active ecosystem, they are autonomous after three years and positively impact both local and global environments. Forests thus created have nothing in common with those planted for wood exploitation or gardening, usually poor in species and geometrically regular.

By applying this afforestation technique to any latitudes, we experienced its flexibility and found that it can be used by anyone, experts or simple enthusiasts, in cities, in countryside or along the coasts. We understood that improving our living spaces is not only possible but also funny, instructive and it creates relationships. What makes a forest even stronger is the human community looking after it.

To spread these intent, with an open and concrete approach, we founded the Boomforest project, with the twin purpose of creating forests and getting other people aware of what they can do for their environment using the Miyawaki method, by investigating and sharing information on local plant species.

Our approach is based on the belief that restoring the balance of nature in a given area and its long term sustainability are more likely to be successful if cooperation of local communities is active and if everyone is aware of the importance of biodiversity in their life. This is why we develop the reproducibility of the afforestation method through environmental data sampling and publication, growth conditions monitoring of the planted forests, while being in constant contact with all the experts who developed the Miyawaki technique before us.

These are the values inspiring us. The more we grow, the more we are able to work at this proposal with all those who would like to join us: in forests, like among human-beings, prosperity lies in diversity.

Let’s create living forests around us!
- Boomforest.